Saturday, 30 July 2011

British 4.5" howitzers part 1

The latest set of guns from Hat are in hard plastic and fit together far easier than the rubberery material they were using. Here's the first of them completed, a pair of British WW1 4.5" howitzers. They are combined with the crew figures from their separate British crew pack, who have had their heads swapped with the extra sun-helmeted heads provided with the set.

The result a nice pair of guns to support operations in warmer climes from 1910 through to 1930 and beyond if you ignore the spoked wheels that were replaced with a rubber tired version.

Only downside, I finished the bases and then remembered I'd forgotten to add the extra boxes and shells that were provided!


Paul´s Bods said...

They look very good...pity you forgot the ammobaxes but both gropus look excellent without them anyway.

Matt said...

I must say that I find the HaT WW1 stuff very tempting-I cannot decide to wait for some early War French/German artillery or go for the Mesopotamia campaign.

Your stuff does look good.

Pat said...

Great stuff, excellent painting. Can I just say the gunshields' angle seems a bit off or is it just me?