Saturday, 9 July 2011

Half year review 2011

A quick review of progress against plan

General items

  • Continue reducing the stash of unpainted figures, the target is 5,000 by year end. So I have to trade/sell/paint at least 1,500 figures and more to cover what I buy in 2011. Given I typically paint around 1,500 items a year it should be feasible. – Hmmmm having just ordered some more figures from Harfields the current stash is 6,200 figures, hardly an improvement and I haven’t counted the figures I’m selling for a mate.
  • Tidy up a number of armies and dispose of any old surplus painted figures, especially WW2, which has quite a number of figures I never use. - Sorted out quite a number of units, hopefully they’ll sell at Derby or Leeds along with the other surplus figures.
  • Upgrade more terrain, especially walls and hedges. – still to do

Major Projects (I’ve got most of the figures already)

  1. WW2 US Airborne Brigade – underway, now working on the 2nd battalion
  2. WW2 British Airborne Brigade – not yet started, may get deferred to 2012
  3. Medieval German/Swiss Army – completed the Swiss
  4. Frundsberg and Pommaine “SYW” forces in preparation for a new campaign. Pommaine completed

Minor Projects

  • Terrain for the Siege of Peking game for Gauntlet done, but it needed more work on the terrain than I anticipated
  • Italian forces for the “Big Game”, mainly a number of small units for Leros plus some Allied aircraft - Aircraft done just need to work on some Italians and a Sturmboot
  • Continue work on my new Afrika Korps, my plan is to mainly complete it by buying discount figures and vehicles. – Gradually acquiring the bits as I spot them The new Rapid Fire book might increase the amount required.
  • Tidy up my figure database, I’ve not done a complete check for years now so I suspect it has some errors in it. – still to be done.

YTD output

· 217 SYW figures and 4 guns

· 156 medievals

· 107 WW2 plus 28 vehicles, etc.

· Upgraded 48 AWI figures

· 8 Colonial casualty markers and 6 WSS figures as command teams.

· 81 new pieces of terrain plus reworked 12 trees

Total 667 items, which is below my usual average of 750.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

You are a veritable power house, sir... my YTD points figure is a source of considerable personal embarrassment! :o))

scottjames said...

Your site is an inspiration to somebody like myself who is just starting to look for variety in their gaming (slave to GW since I was a boy) - and get into wargaming 'proper'. I am just looking into Rapid Fire now and am keen to get hold of some figs to field two sides quickly and easily, to learn the rules, and introduce some friends to the system. So, if you would like to sell the tip of your unwanted 20mm WW2 iceberg, drop me a line! ;-)