Friday, 19 August 2011

Aegean Adventure - Leros Action - Day 2

Can't believe I didn't take any pictures on Day2 (Saturday afternoon), so I have added a few of Thomas's

The day opened with a small groups of Germans occupying the coastal gun position on the high group with an equally small group of my Italians facing them.
To their flank was the Italian command bunker occupied by the remnants of the blackshirts and a few Tommies.
Then the Luftwaffe arrived again and dropped yet more paratroops this time further away from the Harbour and closer to the cove they still held. This was an area strongly held by the British and they inflicted substantial casualties on them as they tried to break through to the cove, ultimately successfully, but at considerably reduced numbers. Unfortunately en-route they discovered the British HQ quietly working away in the church and wiped them out.
On the high ground the remaining Germans were gradually eliminated in a cross fire backed up by mortars and coastal guns
By the end of the day the Germans just had a slightly enlarged perimeter around the cove, but the sea lanes to Leros were till closed by the Royal Navy


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Excellent account and eye candy! Thanks for sharing.

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