Saturday, 20 August 2011

Aegean Adventure - Leros Action - Day 3

Day3 (Sunday morning) opened with the remnants of the German Fallschirmjaeger and Brandenbergers occupying a larger perimeter around the western cove. British forces were posed to counter attack from the north and another company was still near the harbour but for some reason failed to attack the southern flank held by the Fallschirmjaeger.

The action opened with a firefight between the Brandenbergers and the British, which the Germans were slowly gaining the upper hand due to their numbers of MMGs.

Once again he Luftwaffe aircraft appeared over Leros, but this time they were met by allied aircraft and Major Bill Leverette in his P38 "Stingaree" reprised his historical performance and shot down a Stuka.
The situation then took a turn for the worse and two full companies of FJ dropped on the British positions by the western cove and broke the back of the British defences. The only combat effective unit was now a single British company by the harbour plus the almost exhausted Italian infantry and marines.

My fellow players Don (German FJ), Tim (British) and Dougie (German Brandenbergers). Simon, the Italian CO, had wandered off.

Luckily caiques carrying the SBS and LRDG were en-route to Leros

In the nick of time they sailed into Leros harbour
At the same time the Luftwaffe re-appeared sweeping over the post. However the only casualty was a caique where the SBS had disembarked moments before.
At this point time was called as the Germans had convincingly failed to achieve their objectives on all three islands.

What a great weekends gaming

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A J said...

What a great game! An excellent report, too. The real life campaign had so many moments where events might have turned out differently, it makes it fascinating to recreate.

As for the unfortunate boat catching fire, it just goes to show - you can't have your caique and heat it.

I'll get my coat... ;)