Thursday, 25 August 2011

WW1 German Infantry Gun

I bought the Hat Skoda 75mm Mountain gun by mistake, but on checking I found it was used in late WW1 by the German storm-troops as an infantry gun. So one had to be painted up in this role.
The crew are mixed Hat/Emhar figures I had lying around already painted, just touched up the helmets to match the camouflage on the gun.


Ubique said...

Great paint job, very eye-catching.


Sander said...

Nice, I got one too so will probably do the same and steal your idea ;-) You should sent these pictures in to ETS! Cheers Sander

The Angry Lurker said...

That's very good camo.

The Belgian, said...

Great paintjob, love the camouflage and the crew!

Sidney Roundwood said...

That's a really smart looking gun and crew you have there. Splendid job!