Sunday, 2 October 2011

Back from Derby

Good day out on Saturday, although there were several display games none fired my imagination enough to bother taking some pictures, so if you want to see some Eye candy have a look at John's blog 28mm Heaven. Day seemed quieter than usual, and takings must have been down, perhaps it was the weather. My spot on the Lance & Longbow stand seemed to be pleasantly cool compared to some parts of the building. Didn't sell much, and there were no bargain plastic figures on the B&B.

Bought quite a bit
  • Zvezda Art of tactic Russian and German Engineers, German 37mm AT (I could only get 1 and I wanted 4) and the Russian Reconnaissance.
  • The new Rapid Fire book Monty's battles - looks excellent and I've put it to one side to read on holiday
  • H&C Jena & Auerstadt - only £8, what a bargain
  • XD Operations - Secret British missions denying oil to the Nazis - lots of ideas for skirmish/mall scale missions
  • Albuera - Wellingtons fourth Peninsular campaign 1811 - fire up my interest in the Peninsular War again.
  • A couple of Almark books on the DAK and Panzerjaegers.


Goose on the loose said...

Yes, numbers did look down on saturday. Hope they picked up on sunday.
There were few bargains to be had. I grabbed some battleground series books, for £3 a piece, which was about the extent of my bargains.

Still had a good day out.

Counterpane said...

Haven't been to Derby for a few years. Where is it now - at the University?

Are you likely to make it to Fiasco? If so I have some Imex American Pioneers to swap for something.

Richard C

Fire at Will said...

Richard, I'll be at Fiasco and running an Aztec/Conquistdore DBA game on the Lance & Longbow stand so pop by and join in.