Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chepstow castle

The final castle on my South Wales trip and a really impressive castle built on a cliff overlooking the Wye. I last visited Chepstow over 40 years ago and I'd forgotten how massive it was.

The approach is up through the gatehouse.
The plan give an idea of the stages of development

There is deep water right under the castle at this point and supplies could be hauled straight up.
A smaller gateway at the top end added late in the castles development

The mainly Norman keep
The interior of the keep shows a lot of interesting features and give an idea of scale.
Some views around the interior


Phil Broeders said...

Great photos Will.

Monty said...

Have to agree with you, Will - it is impressive and luckily quite local to my home town - nice one.

Alisha chuhan said...

Thanx for sharing the pics.All the images are really great.defense games online

Ray Rousell said...

Some excellent pics, Chepstow's now on my must visit list!!!

Ubique said...

Lovely pictures of a great castle. Nice to know the Welsh weather remains consistent.