Saturday, 11 February 2012

Feste haus zu Ransbach

Finish my first laser cut building and I was quite impressed at what could be done with the technology. Both the timber and walls were etched to give a wood, stone and tile effects and these painted easily with a simple colour wash. The only downside of the finished model is it's hieght as it's a lot higher than all my other ones.
As quite a few people were interested I have taken some pictures of it during assembly.

The basic frame is foamcore and provides a solid base for the rest of the construction, all of is covered by the end. The disappointment for me was that the half timbering was kept on the same sheet as the walls meaning that painting these was quite time consuming
The half timbered walls attached, roof and stone washed while waiting for the glue to harden off
For me the laser cut windows were just too fiddly, so I fell back to my old standard the sewing loom, luckily the window openings were exactly the right size I glued clear plastic to the back of the windows to keep them in place.
The metalwork for the door was laser cut paper and was a nice idea

Generally alignment was good, the only problem was the small triangles for the roof, where I had to stick fillets behind to ensure they kept in place.


Phil Broeders said...

Awesome stuff. Great work Will.

Paul´s Bods said...

A lovely looking building...good work!

Rodger said...

Very nice building Will.

Mike said...

Good work. Your window idea is very nice, I'll try it.

A J said...

Now that is nice, very effective.

Tsold9000 said...

one idea would be too make a few battle damaged houses out of all the pieces.just an idea.

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