Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Herbert to Llanstephan

Revolt in Wales - Herbert to Llanstephan, I remember it from Kingmaker, well I managed to get to Llansteffan while on holiday. It's free entry, which is quite a surprise for a sizable castle, but you do have to negotiate the narrow country roads, especially along the route Google maps sent me. The direct route from Carmarthen is OK.

Park at the beach car park and after a ten minute walk uphill you reach the castle, the gatehouse is the largest structure.

The view upriver towards Carmarthen
The gatehouse of the inner bailey
The view south from the top of the great gatehouse

An interpretation of how it might have looked

A glorious morning, next stop Kidwelly


Phil Broeders said...

Lovely shots. I've been to most castles in Wales but not this one.

Glad the sun shone for you as well.

A J said...

Kingmaker - played many a game of that! Nice shots also of Llanstephan Castle, home to the Carey family in Ronald Welch's novels, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a lad.

I've visited several of the North Wales castles, but none in the south. Nice photos, thanks for sharing.

Maverick Collecting said...

Looks a bit like my memories of Raglan, before they built the M4 and Seven Bridge, it was the highlight of our trips to Brecon via the old rounte {A4 and all points West!} to stop at Raglan for tea while my brother and I ran around like loonies!! Are we there yet!

Ray Rousell said...

Some great photos, thanks for sharing them!!