Monday, 6 February 2012

What a weekend!!

An adventurous weekend for gaming and travelling.

On Saturday I travelled over to Manchester for a gathering of the Gentlemen Pensioners and an expedition up the Nile. Unfortunately I was delayed and arrived last and found myself in the position of British C in C. After assimilating te situation reports from my subordinates, I set them a set of easy tasks that should should ensure our capture of the Nile town of Firkat.

Egyptian Scouts and the gunboat approach an outlying Mahdist stronghold. The gunboat was ordered to provide sufficient motivation for the Egyptians, so they kept moving on the town.

In the sector under my direct command, the correspondent from the London Times failed to note the appalling performance of the naval brigade as some native foot broke cover and charged them! The shooting missed and even the artillery only managed one hit on the fleet footed Ansar. In Melee the matelots forgot about using cutlasses and were forced back. However the timely intervention of the well positioned reserve drove off the followers of the Mahdi.

Over on the extreme flank the desert column of the Light and Heavy Camel Rgiments and lancers swept in. Then ended up fighting over some obscure village.

After that we heard very little from that sector and Mahdist Camelry and Horse could be seen heading in our direction
Meanwhile Firkat was firmly in the control of the mahdists, although the Emir departed the minaret once it came under fire from the gunboat
As the heat of the day peaked. My brigade had adopted a strong position to support the Egyptians while they assaulted Firkat. With that I left my subordinates to complete the mopping up while I took a bit of tea and tiffin.
yes the snow was getting heavy and I battled home thougn the freezing rain, only to discover the next day that the gatling had jammed and the battle decided in the Mahhists favour.

Sunday was back to Manchester, along icy local roads and then across the Pennines in the fog and snow to Vapnartak. Arriving an hour late we madly set up and refought Ravenna 1512.

Picked up a few bits and pieces and met up with the Society of Gentlemen Gamers for a pint in the bar.

Finally despite being late Monday I'm still exhausted, but that's probably because I had to go shopping today!!

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