Saturday, 31 March 2012

Keep on trucking

Keeping on the theme of "tank riders" here are the the US version from HaT. Nice figures, but again the problem of not fitting in Jeeps or the driver's seat in most vehicles.

As the GMC trucks had existing bench seating the figures were added individually rather than based as before. The exception was the dumper trucks.

The number of figures per vehicle is lower than I would have preferred, but I decided to spread them across all my empty vehicles

My venerable Airfix half tracks get some passengers

I actually got to use the tank crews as I had a number of open topped AFVs still looking quite empty.

Trouble with doing this is then looking at my US infantry and realising how dated they are, but I'll leave that task until PSC brings out their promised Americans later this year


Rodger said...

Really impressive Will.

AlFront said...

This is an excellent way of using 'tank riders', something that I would never have thought of myself. The Hat chaps fit very nicely - something that I have never found with metal 20mm figures, which always seem too big. Well done!

Nick Grant said...

Very nicely done.

The Aifix M3s - they're 1/76, right? The 1/72 figs seem to work quite well with them.



Fire at Will said...

Nick, yes officially the M3's are 1/76, but they are slightly oversize and exactly match the quick build by Italeri which is 1/72

Truck Lowering Suspension Parts said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice work on the halftrack fenders as well.