Tuesday, 13 March 2012

On the Workbench - March 2012

Yes, I've been drifting a bit, my holiday didn't help, so I need to get back on track, but inspiration is also needed, so the main items will be:
  • 2 x Zvezda Russian 85mm AA guns and crews ( Yes,I know that they are just purchased but they are so tempting)
  • HaT British, US and Russian Tank riders ( Ditto, I just have too many vehicles without crews)
  • Finish the camp
  • Crews for the Russian WW1 artillery
  • Continue work on all the odd vehicles
  • Get started on all the desert armour that has been cleaned up
  • Desert crews for the 5.5" guns (thanks to Charles I have some useful tips from John Sandars)
  • and if I get chance start work on the Para AT guns

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