Monday, 19 March 2012

Russian 85mm AA guns

Here's my finished my impulse purchase from WMMS, These really are proper Russian 85mm AA guns and a worthy replacement for my existing Airfix 88mm "conversion"

In the course of researching a bit about them I found that captured models of them and and the 76mm AA guns were used by te Germans, so something for those who want to make a different version.

In general the Zvezda kit assembled easily, the gun cradle just needed a little filing so the gun can be depressed to fire at ground targets. The wheel axles are a bit fragile and if I were to build the kit again I would dispense with the provided base and make my own so the wheels are better protected


Tim Gow said...

Nice! Sufficiently so that I expect I'll have to buy one.....

Nick Grant said...

Very nice wee elements there. Good job!