Monday, 12 March 2012


After a holiday, what better than a trip to a wargames show?

My highlights were the battle of Fishguard, already seen at Penarth

The battle of Rocoux 1746

A nice version of Antietam on hex terrain

An intersting WW1 game based on Loos

Not sure about the slag heap, but the mine buildings look interesting.

As ever a very tempting pirate game (must get mine out to play sometime)

SOGGy members James and Tony debate the finer things in life! By early afternoon the French had succeeded once in taking Hougomont out of four attempts

As for purchases
  • Airfix Tank transporter (off the B&B - haven't made once since it was first produced)
  • Caesar Sdkfz 10/4 with 20mm Flak 30
  • Caesar Sdkfz 10 with 50mm Pak 38
  • Hat British tank riders (Apparently the most popular set, even though the Germans had stocked out)
  • Hat Russian Tank riders
  • Hat US Tank riders
  • Zvezda 85mm AA gun (couldn't resist Mr Models had them at £6)
  • Zvezda Swedish Artillery (yes I'm still interested in the early C18)
And thanks to everyone who bought my bits and pieces, and if you bought my ACW figures then some escaped so let me know how to contact you.

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