Thursday, 26 April 2012

5.5" guns completed

It's been a while since I finished the guns, but at last I've done the crews. They are all plastic figures, based upon the ideas from an old article by John Sandars (thanks Charles) The key part is converting the RAF emergency set stretcher bearers to carrying a shell.


Matt said...

That i a nice set as well. I do like your Desert War stuff.

hokkabaz said...

Very good looking units, especialy bases.
Just wonder, do you use on table, or
just for collection?

When im start to Fow, my 1/72 british
sets wait for my inspiration turn :)


Plastic Hussar said...

Excellent job as always. I am just working up some of my own models for this period and I find that your work is a great inspiration.

stuart said...

Nice work on those 5.5"s, and a brilliant idea converting those stretcher bearers to gunners. You really should get rid of those oversized towing rings on the trail legs though

Fire at Will said...

Hookabaz- they are all for gaming

Stuart, must admit I never thought to check what the real size was, it's so obvious now you have mentioned it.