Monday, 2 April 2012

On the workbench - April 2012

Looking around my workroom I realised that it's got very untidy as I have pulled out various boxes for figures and kits, just looking for odd figures and other scenic bits, plus quite a few recent purchases. So a bit of a tidy up is needed, but I'll be trying to paint stuff rather than put it away.

  • Assemble as paint as much as possible of the British desert armour lying around, which comprises nearly twenty vehicles;
  • Crews for the 5.5" guns, I've now sorted out the figures;
  • Finish the odd vehicles that are lying around still
  • Make some barbed wire that will be needed for the Vietnam game at Gauntlet
  • Paint a few of the British tank riders, I found I couldn't do much with the majority as I really need crews for my Bren Carriers.
Otherwise it's going to be a quiet month as there are no shows to attend, just a club wargaming weekend on the 14th/15th (club details)

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Matt said...

I love making lists-problem is I keep getting interrupted. Good luck!