Friday, 27 April 2012

That feels better

Haven't been to shows for a while and there appears to be less plastic figures on sale at them. Hence a bit of retailer therapy a week ago, and at now the figures have arrived from Harfields. So what did I get and what's planned?

  • Hat Hedendowah camelry (needed for my Dervishes)
  • Hat Taashi camelry (ditto, and I still need to source sufficient cavalry)
  • Hat Austrian Artillery Crew (I need a couple, and the others might become WW2 Romanians)
  • Hat Pak 36 (Need the DAK crews, might use the guns as wrecks as they are useless)
  • Hat Pak 36r (The guns are needed this time for my late period DAK)
  • Lucky Toys Turks (To add some variety to my Ottomans)
  • Lucky Toys Vlad Tepes (Ditto)
  • Strelets Medieval Crossbowmen
  • Strelets British Light Infantry (Egypt) (Can't resist the period)
  • Strelets British Line Infantry (Egypt) (ditto, with the Hat Marines I should have enough for a reasonable landing force)
  • Strelets French Light Infantry (Egypt) (To add more variety to my Egyptian campaign French)
  • Strelets Mamelukes (I plan to mix them in with my existing Hat Mamelukes) 
  • Strelets Jacobites part 1 (boosts my Xmas presents to sufficient for an army) 
  • Strelets Jacobites part 2 (ditto) 
  • Waterloo Dervishes (To mix in with the Hat Dervishes from Xmas)


Rodger said...

Just a little bit of painting to do then!!

Matt said...

So what will you be painting in the afternoon?