Friday, 28 September 2012

British Infantry for the Sudan 1885

As followers might have guessed, I've been away on holiday and I had to make a change of plan on the painting front ready for this weekends club event. So I switched over to producing some more British for the Sudan.

These are completed, not quite the correct uniform, but close, using the old Esci Zulu War British.

Unfortunately the extra cavalry won't be ready in time.

However I have made progress on the Matilda Scorpion and it only needs markings and a heavy drybrush to complete it.

If you are nearby please pop in to see us at the Airbus Sports and Social Club, at Broughton, Chester CH4 0DR, this weekend


FriendlyFire said...

Great job on those Tommies!Your scenery and painting inspires me greatly, makes me want to build some more desert terrain.

Keep it up!

Monty said...

Great work! I've got some Peter Pig Colonial British on the way for a new project :)

Sean said...

Great idea for using the cotton wool on the scorpion. It totally passed me by on the WIP pictures.