Sunday, 2 September 2012

On the Workbench - September 2012

All the priority this month is preparing for the Big Game, but with one exception I have everything needed, but I'd like to tidy up some of the units, which will probably involve rebasing.

  • Build four Italeri 25pdr gun and limber kits, this will provide the extra battery (2 guns), I need for the game, and provide one extra battery to replace an existing one using the old Airfix kit;
  • Build the Matilda Scorpion - I don't need it for the game, as others are providing them but I will for any play-tests I manage to get in before the big event;
  • Tidy up/rebase my British desert infantry ready for the game, and while doing it, do the same for my Italians;
  • Paint three extra 12 figure units for the British in Sudan;
  • Just for a change, paint some ACW dismounted cavalry;
  • and finally try and go on holiday, still not booked yet!

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