Thursday, 6 September 2012

Slow but steady progress

My conversion of a Matilda to a Flail version is progressing slowly as it's quite fiddly and I'm trying to make sure the angles, etc. turn out right before I do anything irretrievable.

The Matilda, is an old second hand one, that I have cleaned up, hence the residual paintwork.

While the glue dries I've started work on the 25pdrs and I've only got three quads and some more crew figures to build now.

Other bits of WIP and some 2pdrs, 6pdrs and a bren carrier.


Archduke Piccolo said...

The work on the flail frame looks impressively accurate! Looking very good indeed.

On that final tray: I've always rather liked the Airfix 25pr kit very good value, and it assembled well, also. Curious about those 2pr guns. Resin, I'm guessing?

Thanos said...

Looks very nice and very promising! :)

Monty said...

Blimey, you're busy Will - great work all round ;)

Mojo said...

That looks *very* promising!
Did the Matildas have a seperate motor for the flails?
The shermans didn't and I recently read in two different books that this fact made them almost unable to move when crossing soft (and wet) fields...

Looking forward to the finished model!