Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Slow progress - part II

Well after a disrupted weekend, some progress at last on the Matilda Scorpion. Both side frames are now complete. There has also been a change of approach, since I found the frames were offset from the hull sides, hence the supporting frames added to the hull.

I also decided that I would model it in action, so I cut a core out of some packaging. I'll fix some chain to this and then cover it with some cotton wool "Dust".

Normally I wouldn't base a vehicle, but I think this one may be a bit fragile and front heavy.

Mojo, unlike the Sherman flail the Scorpion had a separate engine and the early versions had an operator seated with it. The later models had controls connected through to the tank.

Archduke Piccolo, the 2 pdrs in the last post were by Minim and have a resin base and metal gun and shield. Still trying to find a crewman to fit.


Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Looks excellent

Nick Von Cover said...

That's an ambitious project and is looking good. I look forward to seeing the finished product when you're done.