Sunday, 22 September 2013

Back to the real world!

It's warm! 25C today, but only a few days ago I had this

So much for a late summer walking holiday in Austria. However I did enjoy the walking, though I didn't get as high as I would have liked.

Two magazines to read and Derby this weekend, Hurrah!


Andrew Canham said...

You seem to be doing a Chris Bonnington impression - but where's the ice in the beard?

Hope you had a good time - looks like it!



peter said...

Fantastic view on that picture Will! I love that part of Europe to.


Monty said...

Wow! Impressive stuff ;)

guy said...

Great stuff. One of the best holidays we ever had was walking in the Swiss mountains ranges. I explained to daughter number 2 that we would be staying in mountain shacks, to which she responded 'is there a spa?'. When I explained the reality I had a mutiny on my hands.