Sunday, 29 September 2013

Derby show - the pictures

To start with, here are pictures of some of the games at Derby

Arab-Israeli Golan hieghts game

That's a lot of tanks

Dug in Israelis

Israeli rear positions

Another view of the horde

Bicocca 1522

The Swiss advance

French defences

Big boys toys - the Sudan in 54mm

Ottomans v's Persians Baghavard 1745 in 6mm

Lance & Longbow - Hedgeley Moor 1464

More big toys from the SOA - Bosworth 1485 in 54mm

More medieval - Flodden 1513

Rapid Fire - Tunisia 1943 in 28mm

28mm again, the Warlord Pegasus bridge


Rafael Pardo said...

Nice pictures... Thanks fos sharing!

Monty said...

Nice looking games on display, but red wine and gaming don't mix lol

Conrad Kinch said...

They mix exceedingly well indeed in my experience old chap.

Very nice pics Will - the AIW game, were there GMs in uniform? I thought I saw a glimpse of a UN beret.

Will McNally said...

Conrad, yes all the participants were in costume

painterman said...

Nice photos - I like the look of the Flodden game in particular.

Phil said...

Very impressive! Beautiful tables...

peter said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us Will! Looks like a great event!