Sunday, 8 September 2013

Leipzig 1813 Project - part 2 - Planning

Before I post the final orbats that will be used for the game, here are some of the ideas I am using.
  • Rules will be Black Powder with my Napoleonic Variations (link)
  • Each division will be represented by a (Black Powder) brigade
  • As far as possible all units will be standard sized with the same stats, exceptions need to be clearly identifiable
  • All Generals will be rated 8 with a few exceptions
  • Once a division (brigade) is broken it is removed from play
  • To aid identification of divisions, all units in them should be as similar as possible and different from adjacent divisions.
  • The target is to have four or more units per division (three can be a bit too vulnerable)
  • Artillery will be treated as a Corps asset
  • built up areas will be represented by a single building that can hold one infantry unit
  • For the timing of reinforcements, each turn will represent 30 minutes. 
  • Start time will be 10:00 with the Allies deployed and making the first move.
Ideally I'd like to work with less than 60 French infantry units (I've got far more allied, so this should not be a constraint. Looking at the units involved on the 16th October on the southern flank this means I should be using a ratio of 1,600 actual men to one infantry battalion. Similar scaling gives 533 cavalry to one cavalry unit and 24 actual guns for each model battery.

Table size will be 1.8 x 3.6 (6' x 12'), which should allow me to cover most of the areas actually fought over.  So reinforcements will march onto the table


scotty said...

Sounds like a plan

Andrew Canham said...

That's still a lot of Frenchmen!

Rafael Pardo said...

A large scenario! I only have played it by sectors...
The map seems bery good, from where is taken?

Will McNally said...

Rafael, see my earlier post, "Part 1"

Rafael Pardo said...


Rafael Pardo said...

I have posted your links in my blog!

Will McNally said...

Rafa, pleased that the links are of use. I had found the site earlier when I was refighting Lutzen, but forgot to post