Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A pair of BA6s

My existing Frontline BA5s have been a bit prone to losing their wheels, so I eventually succumbed to buying a pair of the Pegasus fast assembly kits. They went together really easily to produce a nice model.

So now I have five BA3/6s and they were mainly used by the Soviets in 41/42 so perhaps I'll repaint a Frontline one as an Axis version.


The Ferrymen said...

Hi Will,
Good-looking models. Those Pegasus kits go together nicely, don't they?
Hey, are you planning on doing up any Russkis for the 41/42 winter? If so you could just do a sloppy whitewash on one of these to be recon for them. Use a wet QTip so it looks like they used string mops.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Nothing like some solid recon for mother Russia.

Will McNally said...

John, nice idea about the snow camo, thanks