Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Vapnartak 2014

Phew, never been as busy at a show, I didn't get away from the Lance & Longbow stand until after 1pm. The show was certainly popular this year, I just wish I had had more time to browse the displays and traders. The big disappointment was that The Plastic Soldier Company didn't have the US heavy weapons or Loyd Carriers - I'll just have to wait to Alumwell!

The society put on the Cravant game and it really went well both as a game and a public spectacle.

The armies come to blows, the rules used were Impetus

A new addition to the battlefield

On the next stand was "Crossed Lances" a medieval jousting game - I'd have liked to have tried this!

An interesting war of the Worlds game

The Martians

Topically, early WW1 in 28mm

As for booty I made up for the long wait by visiting GB & SD Hobbies and buying a good stack

So my plans for these are

  • Fujimi Sherman 105mm - needed for my US upgrade and an unexpected find as I've unsucessfully bid more on ebay
  • Italeri 25pdr & quad - similarly priced - this one is for a DAK version
  • Oxford BSA Motorcycle and Sidecar - a nice oddment for my early war British, it'll need repainted and some suitable crew found
  • Pegasus BA-6 - time to upgrade my old resin models I think
  • Pegasus German Trucks - when I created a 2nd Panzer force for the Playmouth D-Day+6 game I was right on the limited of my German vehicles so this should come in useful
  • Pegasus US Trucks - needed for my US upgrade and a bit different from my others
  • Plastic Soldier M5 Half tracks - I cracked and bought some to replace my existing Frontline models
  • Zvezda German m/c combo, 75mm Infantry Gun and pair of 20mm AA Guns - these are to top up my spares as I've used all of one I have got
  • A small bag of Caesar British Commandos from Charles, who had travelled down from Scotland for the show and showed me some of his Almark figures. Thanks Charles, nice to put a face to a name.
  • A bag of spare precut Mediterranean building parts from Simon R - these will add some needed variety to my existing collection

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Andrew Canham said...

Looks like a fine haul of treasure. I was hoping to be there myself, but had to give it a swerve in the end.