Thursday, 27 March 2014

A reminder from the past - quick play WW2 rules

Back in the early 70's, as a young member of the Bath Wargames Club, I was introduced to some "complex" Bristol Wargame Society WW2 rules, by some old hands Bob Thomson and Mike Phillpot. I was recently reminded of this by someone over on The Guild". I never had a copy of the rules, but played a number of times in small scale actions where the players were seated back to back facing identical tables and the authors moved the "enemy" according to what you could see. These were always tense games, and the memories are still quite vivid. They then moved on and created a simple set of WW2 rules for the club, which subsequently I found had their origins in the rules by Bish Izwasko and Lionel Tarr.

Can't find my original copy, but the pictures are from much used copy - two sides of A4 is all there was!


Sgt Steiner said...

A blast from past indeed, I still have these someplace

Steve C said...

Forgotten those. Mind you, found a set of yours in side the Bristol Armour