Sunday, 2 March 2014

Egyptian Infantry in the Sudan

A last push and these were just completed hours after the end of the month. The figures are all the Stelets Ottoman Infantry in Summer Uniform 1877, but actually they are Crimean War figures according to PSR. The uniform is not correct so don't look to closely, but they look good overall.

The officers come from the Waterloo 1815 set

They'll be in action next week and hopefully they will perform better than history!

Ottoman (and Egyptian) uniform and flag details can be found on


Phil said...

A great looking army, beautiful pics!

Pierre le Poilu said...

Good looking figures, well done.

Ogilvie VC said...

Delightful looking army at a fraction of the price of 28's. Good old plastics.

Marfac70 said...

high will importante staring a colonia project in 20mm too . which rules do you suggest ?I've already Black Powder and Colonial Adventure of THW. For english soldiers i'd go por Red Box Colonial . what about you?

Monty said...

Impressive force!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice flags, Will, where from??

Will McNally said...

Marfac70 - I use Black Powder dominantly for the Sudan, and most other C18/C19 games. My British are a mixture of Strelets and Esci.

Steve - I've added a link to a site with the flags

Uwe said...

Hi Will,

a very nice idea. And from one meter distance you don't see the details of the uniforms:-)