Monday, 31 March 2014

Hurrah - the Prussians are here!

Taken quite a bit of time to finish these lads, my silver paint refused to dry, then I realised (too late) that enamels don't work well with the new HaT plastic and I hadn't undercoated the bayonets, etc. with white acrylic. Then just as I was finishing one of the flags fell off!

Two regiments were completed as fusiliers as that is the only(?) gap in my SYW Prussian army

I had taken some close-ups but they came out blurry as I was rushing.

The two units are 35th Fusilier Prinz Heinrich von Preußen (front) and 40th Fusiliers Kreytzen (behind, both links from the excellent Kronoskaf site, which also provided the standards.

Footnote - the rest of my SYW Prussian army was painted when the Revell figures first came out and was one of my few fully planned armies


Archduke Piccolo said...

Nice units - very colourful and attractive looking. Those HaT figures look as though they would go very well with the Revell. I supplied fusiliers for my 'vaguely Prussian army of Altmark-Uberheim' - the 49th (Deiricke) - simply from my overabundant Revell grenadier figures.

Will McNally said...

I kept some of my previously painted Prussians alongside while I was painting to keep the same style. Size wise they compare well and the latest PSR review confirms this.