Monday, 3 March 2014

On the workbench - March 2014

Didn't manage to complete everything for February, partly because I was short of decals and had to order more. So for March I'm trying to get back on track and clear down some of the stash of kits, but there are a lot of tasks around the house and garden needing done as well.

The leftovers from February
  • The pair of 2pdr portees
  • The M3 Half tracks and bren carriers, which are waiting for decals)

Extras for March
  • Two SYW Prussian Fusilier Regiments using the new HaT figures
  • Three Matildas in Caunter camouflage
  • Two Priests in desert colours
  • A Daimler armoured car
  • An Ace 20mm Flak30 and 75mm Infantry gun
  • A trio of old Airfix bren carriers to be modified to the mortar version

I'll also be at WMMS next Sunday

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