Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Various vehicles for my 8th Army

These seem to have been on my workbench for ages, but at last they are finished.

Firstly the long awaited Portees, a cross-kitting of the Matchbox LRDG Chevrolet with the Zvezda 2pdr. It took a while to work how the gun was configured on the truck. It's actually reversed and sticks out beyond the end of the vehicle

Then a trio of Matildas, one previously owned and two new builds, I decided to be adventurous and paint them in Caunter. What fun working out the pattern and then which colours to use. In the end I opted for my Standard Humbrol Light Stone with Vallejo Green Grey (for the Silver Grey)and German Field Grey (for the Slate) In the background is a Oxford Diecast Daimler Dingo almost OOB except I have dry brushed it to tome down the colours.

Finally a pair of Priests, unusually these are marked up for 1st Armoured division as they operated them at El Alamein. I still need to find for suitable crew for these

Still in progress are the Daimler and a couple of deployed 2pdrs


Andrew Canham said...

Love the Caunter scheme on the 'tildas.

Phil said...

These vehicles are really impressive!

Michael Mills said...

That's some of the best Caunter I'v seen. Well done sir!

Monty said...

A very nice set of vehicles.
Well done!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I have a particular liking for the portee.. nice Matildas too... by the by, if you were a British tanky you'd definitely want to get ride of those red and white identification marks!!