Tuesday, 11 March 2014

WMMS - the booty

Came away with a reasonable haul from the show, partly because GB&SD Hobbies had some good deals

My plans for these are

  • The Shermans and half tracks are for upgrading my US forces (just a shame that Plastic Soldier Company were not present at the show). I'm not sire how well the Shermans will fit in with my exisitng ones, but it was a good price
  • The M13/40s will round out my Italian forces so I can refight another one of "Monty's Desert Battles"
  • Hat German tank riders, I missed these the first time around, so more of my German transport can have crews, although these are not so good to fit in smaller vehicles such as kubels and..
  • A pair of Horch field cars picked up on the B&B, these are for my DAK and I'm debating whether to repaint them or not.
  • Assorted stowage from Sgts Mess, I never seem to have enough
  • A couple of sets of more interesting diamond patterned windows from Warbases, so I'll have to build something to try them.
  • Some cheap Skytrex decals from one of the modelling display groups - hopefully my long awaited decals for my half tracks will arrive soon.
  • Panzers on the Eastern Front - I always like to keep up my stock of real reading material
  • Two sprues of valiant GIs - only a £1 and the parts will be useful to mix in with my Plastic Soldier US Infantry
  • Finally a gift from David P, a box of Swiss infantry, which will go to reinforce my Swiss pikes, and a set of Italian knights, this has caused me some thought especially after seeing the SOA Montaperti game and flicking though the book on the battle - maybe a small Italian force?

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