Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ad Dueim - a Gentlemen Pensioners game

Following on fro phalanx the various gentlemen reconvened on the Sunday at Steve's for a Sudan game. The premise was that Khartoum (and Gordon) had been relieved and the Mahdi had fallen back up the White Nile to Ad Dueim. Due to the presence of supplies this town had to be held and the infidels defeated.

My fellow Mahdist commanders comtemplate the batttlefield

Together with my fellow Emir Abdul Garab I took the position of honour in the front line prepared to delay the imperials advance. Our positions are reveled by the scouts advancing ahead of the main column.

The cowardly British cover their advance with Egyptian troops

Captain Shuttleworth RN, seems to have forgotten the finer points of ship handling as he turns his vessel broadside to the current, or maybe he was deliberately drifting downstream to get out of range of our guns. Unfortunately some British lancers have found a gap in Abdul Garab's ranks.

Our forces mass to close the gap, but Allah found many of our Ansar lacking in faith and it took several attempt to destroy them.

All of our infantry is now committed, but where is the cavalry under Munir Iftekar?

At last they emerge, but not to the imperialist flank as we had hoped but behind us.

Unfortunately as they swept forward, the time ran out.

A splendid sight as they mass, ready to break through

The final position with the British infantry still using the Egyptians as a shield. Despite several close shaves and loosing all but one unit my troops had only been driven back a short distance from their initial positions.

Rules used were Battles for Empire

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Chris said...

What a fantastic spectacle! Thanks for posting it. Hope you enjoyed the rules.