Sunday, 1 June 2014

Frundsberg Kumwarden Fusiliers

As part of my Frundsberg Frei Stat imagi-nation I have created and Graf Georg von Kumwarden Fusilier regiment. It;s service record is yet to be established, but I expect to see it in service in many battles in future.

Marching out onto the parade field

Deployed for action

Figures are the new SYW Prussians from HaT


This post was delayed due to my Fathers death, but I had already decided that the Regiment would have a link to the Coombe Ward in the Hospital where he spend his last four weeks, and thanks to all the staff for looking after him so well.


Andrew Canham said...

Excellent and colourful army. Look forward to seeing them in action.
Cheers, Andy

Michael Mills said...

Lovely stuff. I thought they were 28mm you've made such a good job of them.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Very nice and colourful biody of troops. I like your war games architecture as well; just the thing!!

Springinsfeld said...

Great regiment , and a nice personal tribute to the RUH and your Father (I hail from Bath too).

Bartek Zynda said...

They look very nice! I love the collors youve used for this regiment.