Wednesday, 13 August 2014

On the workbench - August 2014

Looking back at my July plans it seems like I've not made much progress, but I forgot to mention that I hoped to start work on my US Infantry, and in fact I did manage to complete a couple of battalions. So despite have lost another week down in Bath hopefully I can finish more this month.

So what is still there?
  • 2 x US Infantry Battalions plus a few odd bits
  • 2 x British Desert Bedford QLD
  • 2 x British Desert Bedford QLT
  • 3 x German DAK Panzer III plus a Befehlspanzer III (will give me enough armour for the Alam Halfa scenario)
  • 1 x Tiger I, an early version by Fujimi that will do nicely for Tunisia
  • 2 x German DAK Panzer II
  • Convert four old Bren carriers to Vickers HMG variants
  • Crews for my DAK sdkfz251s

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