Monday, 11 August 2014

The long way home - Thornbury show

Took the opportunity of stopping off at the IPMS Avon show at Thornbury, a combined modelling and wargaming event, to meet up with other SOGGs and to dodge the rain. There were two very large halls, here's the first

The Society of Gentlemen Gamers game was Naqb Rala from the Rapid Fire Monty's Desert Battles book, here are the main Italian positions held by Folgore.

Free French forming up for the attack, Heimat at bottom right is held by Folgore.

Some lovely conversions by Don, Carriers with 25mm guns

French advanceing on Heimemat

More odd armour Conus 75mm SP guns

Heimemat falls to the French

German reinforcements arrive and hide behind Raqb Rala

Some other games
WW1 Italian front

Operation Chariot the assault on St Nazaire

HMS Cambelltown rams the dock gates

A large Saga game

My booty, mainly from the Bring and Buy


Springinsfeld said...

Bother, I forgot that event was on... I wonder if there is a handy calendar of Wargame shows online anywhere?

Will McNally said...

Certainly is on the Newark Irregulars site

Springinsfeld said...

Thanks Will, I'll check that out.