Thursday, 21 August 2014

US Forces - the next steps

While working on other bits I'm debating how to tackle the remaining parts of my US force for Rapid Fire. Ideally it should be able to provide either of the two US orbats in the Normandy Battlegroups book, 2nd Armoured and 29th Infantry Divisions, plus any of the scenarios in the other scenario books. THis leads me to deciding how to handle my two remaining units, which are already painted to an OK standard, but need rebasing.

The engineer battalion (only figures shown) Generally OK, but the .3 cal MMG are quite poor mouldings, and I do have enough spare plastic soldier versions so I could replace them.

The Reconnaissance Squadron (again only figures shown) I've only got two troops instead of three, so I need to add one and I'm not all that happy with the 60mm mortar conversions, I might do something with the Italeri version.

Finally the AT guns, I need five 57mm AT guns and crews, trouble is, that unlike the British/German/Russians Plastic Soldier don't make any US crew figures. The 6pdr with the Loyd carrier came with the relevant parts to make a US version, but that would leave me with a lots of unused bits (carriers & figures), so I'm trying to work out some compatible solutions. I'm debating converting some US heavy weapons figures and swapping the wheels and gun on some Airfix 6pdrs for the PSC gun and wheels left over from my British version. I'd then have to try converting the half track to a gun tow version used by the Armoured Infantry.


Steven said...

Hi Will,
I ran into a similar problem though not for lack of figures. I ran out of German crew figures for my Pak50 ATGs and ended up using some "German COmmand" figures from the Command Decision bag.

A guy pointing, a guy with binoculars, and a guy carrying something might suffice for a crew?

Either way, lovely work sir!

Kev said...

Hi Will - With a bit of Plastic Head swapping may be the solution for US Gun Crew- I use to use 8amp fuse wire and a pin to make the holes to do the alignment with a spot of PVA Glue - wait overnight and it's done. Method also worked on Arm swopping and torso as well. Have fun. Regards. KEV.