Thursday, 6 November 2014

On the Workbench - November 2014

A quick look back at my plans shows I've got quite a bit of catching up to do, but for once I've got hardly any US to paint and even those can wait till I pick up a few more bits at the Recon show in December. Hopefully, despite being in Bath again, I'll make substantial progress on the following:
  • Austrian Grenadiers for the War of Spanish Succession (they are now washed and awaiting head swaps)
  • Having sorted out these I found I had enough bits for another couple of infantry battalions and some guns - probably I'll paint them as Saxons for the Great Northern War
  • White Scout Car for my British desert collection
  • British Valentine IX (the one with a 6pdr)
  • 6 x M3 Half tracks (some will be converted to M2s)
  • British Desert Motor Battalion (I got the extra small arms I needed from Sgts Mess)
  • The Bedford QLD and QLTs for the desert(I've got them with me to get started if I get a free moment).
  • Maybe consider using the Redbox Wars of the Roses Men at Arms for Burgundian commanders

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peter said...

Looks you have a lot of work for this month, Will! Looking forward to see all this builded and painted!