Sunday, 28 December 2014

Battle for the Twin Villages December 1944

Pictures from our Christmas game today at B.I.G. (Bristol Independent Gaming) Scenario from the Rapid Fire Battle of the Bulge campaign book.

Overview of the battlefield the village of Krinkelt is bottom left, Germans deploying top right. Myself and Richard were US and Don, George and Charles were German

US forces occupying the twin villages Krinket left and Rocherath right (with the water tower)

US forward positions at Lausdell farm occupied by a battalion, plus an M10 in support.

German deployment, all in a dip so hidden from sight, and the first three moves would be in mist

US armour in Krinkelt, a touch outnumbered!

Another view of Rocherath

And they're off - Panthers racing away.

and rapidly reaching a flanking position on Krinkelt.

Loads more tanks, mainly Panzer IV, backed up by a few more Panthers fill the gap and head towards Rocherath

Jagd panzer IV/70's and infantry head for Lausdell

One Sherman bits the dust, these Panthers are deadly!

Various 57mm AT guns try to take on the panthers but everything misses or bounces off.

Germans massing against Lausdell, the forward company has been wiped out by repeated rounds of nebelwerfer fire.

Hurrah Richard's second M10 takes out a Panzer IV

But German pioneers and a sdkfz 251/21 (drilling) take out another company in the wood by Lausdell

Panthers and panzer grenadiers advancing towards Krinkelt, despite repeat radio calls fire support from the artillery was never available

Then when it did arrive it appears after these German infantry were wiped out by small arms fire!

German armour performing the hedge hopping option - seems they thought we would mine the roads.

Pressure mounting on the twin villages

Blazing Panzer IVs, Richard's M10 continues its run of success.

US forces attempt to hold the houses under a rain of artillery fire

At the crossroads in the forground an Jagdpanzer IV/70 rolls over a daisy chain of mine and suffers heavy damage, since it's partner was also damaged earlier by an M10 the company bottles out.

Another view of the German armour massing against the villages

The H10 bites the dust as the German's gather like vultures around the last defenders of Lausdell

Sucess a bazooka takes out the drilling!

Nearing the end, the Germans cross the out defece positions and press forward, moments later the American Battalion in Lausdell routed.

German 105mm's that provided effective support throughout the game

A final picture at game end, the weak reinforcement battalion was close to checking it's morale and the other US battalion in Krinkeld had avoided a third successive test by ducking back into intact houses.

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James Fisher, FINS said...

Fine looking table Will. Some serious armour there!