Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Final push before Christmas

A collection of oddments completed just in time for Christmas, there was no chance to pose them for the camera so here they are still on the painting tray. At the back some farm animals from the Pegasus American settlers painted to correspond with the local Cheshire pigs and cows. In front a selection of Dock workers from Force 20, bought at this years big game auction. Finally on the left a lone British sniper who had escaped being based up.
Nearby are the Saxon Cavalry, almost finished and the British Motor Battalion so hopefully I might get something else finished before the Year end.

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johnpreece said...

A merry Christmas to you Will.

A chance to say, thank you for the blog which I have followed all year. I am grateful today for the reminder of the force on force figures which are now on order for me.

( the card players will be perfect for guarding a barricade in my SCW armies.)