Monday, 5 January 2015

WW2 US Army parade

Well we had a fine and somewhat sunny day in Cheshire and with nothing else to do I have laid out my upgraded US Army as requested and as a final check.

Overall views
Front row left to right, three infantry battalions, the regimental HQ and an engineer battalion

Middle row, on the left armoured infantry battalion with tank battalion behind, middle a reconnaissance squadron, right, the transport needed to convert an infantry battalion into an armored infantry version and my old tank battalion. far right the AA company
Rear row left an armoured artillery batalion; centre a selection of tank destroyer companies; right an ordinary artillery battalion, with a chemical mortar company attached. Far rear some spares, Chaffees for a late war reconnaissance unit and a few old Airfix trucks, plus a Grant for North Africa.

Some close ups
An infantry battalion

Armoured infantry and my new tank battalion

Armoured artillery battalion M7s, the M40s and M12 (the one I bought from Dennis) are add ons. Yes I do know the M40s are post war.

The Reconnaissance Squadron, quite a mix of M8 Greyhounds

Tank destroyer companies

Engineer battalion

Airfix Half tracks and Frontline Armour in the second Armoured Infantry and Tank Battalions

Artillery battalion and Chemical Mortar company

Still missing are
A pair of M3 Mortar Carrier Half Tracks - the Hasegawa ones are horrible. If I can find some cheap diecast M21s then I'll probably use them.
The Recce Elements for the Tank Destroyer units should have three dismounted figures.
Bailed/Dismounted Tank Crews
105mm short howitzer, I've have the crew all ready for it
M32B1 Tank Recovery Vehicle (UM do a nice one but it's hard to find in the UK)

What I'd still like to work on
Tidy up the M12 155mm GMC (but I'll wait till a game when I have to use it)
Some extra armour, an extra 76mm Sherman and a couple of Jumbo's would be handy (Subsequently bought)
Rework one M36 into and M10, or possibly find another Cromwell models of the M10
Gradually try and get a consistent colour across the army, especially with units.
Add a couple of 37mm AT guns so I can replace the 57mm and cover early war as well

Now Surplus to requirements, these will be sold at some future show (Proceeds to the Army Benevolent Fund)
Three old infantry battalions

Three Frontline 76mm Shermans
One Frontline M3 Scout Car
Various assorted spare figures


Tim Gow said...

Impressive - and I write as a fellow megalomaniac! That's about enough for 5 Megablitz divisions.....

peter said...

Impressive army you have there Will! Can't wait to see them all in action!


Pete. said...

A hell of a collection, will it ever see action all at once?



Phil said...

Most impressive army, great looking collection!

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

This is magnificent, Will. Truly a spectacle to warm the heart of every war-gamer. Well done, that man.

Stryker said...

Truly splendid - well done!

Silver Whistle said...

Blimey! That is a huge collection which must have taken many years to get to the stage it is at.
Thanks for sharing.

Paul Waechter said...

Wow! That is a mighty collection indeed :-)

Andrew Canham said...

Great stuff Will. I thought I was a megalomaniac attempting to build divisions in 6mm, but hats off to you for doing it in 20mm.

Cheers, Andy