Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lentini - another progress check

Another sunny day so I took the opportunity to check on my progress and also measure up the various bits still needing to be done. There's nothing like checking it out on the laid out terrain to find any flaws.

Axis end, The Lentini river and Ponte Malati still need to be built, I've just used existing terrain to check. The marsh on the left is still just some chalk marks.

Allied end, lots of hills in sight, hopefully I'll add a few more fields to visually break up the flat expanse,, but not effect movement.

Carlentini and Lentini, while laying out I also marked up and cut the village bases (cobbled wallpaper). These will then be mounted on hardbaord.

Lots of orange groves around Lentini, still undecided about whether to model the railway

Finally a view from above

One of the small streams has been positioned, the others are still chalk marks. Luckily the check revealed that some adjustments were need to the small culvert type bridges crossing them while they were still part assembled.

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Stryker said...

Coming on well, and so are the pots!