Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Salute 2015 - the other games

Rather a short report as my time was almost totally taken up by umpiring the Agincourt game.

TFL Afghan Chain of Command game

The opposition - another Agincourt game

Nice idea for a backdrop.

Our neighbouring game - Star Wars

Austro-prussian in 10mm

Ron Ringrose's assault on Fort George (some ideas for my AWI games, when I get back to playing them again)

Roman civil war - Cremona

A different way of doing vineyards

ACW action

Another nice backdrop from a Napoleonic skirmish game

The Old Guard in action at Waterloo!

Very effective snow terrain

An interesting way of depicting a Stuka attack, note the bomb dropping

My (limited) booty. The Battlegroup books were a pick-up from an earlier purchase as the postage would have been horrific, they were a pretty heavy carry as well.

lastly a picture of me in action taken from Lee Hadley's Salute report


Piers said...

Great picks Will!

Good to see ye again, you looked as busy as we were!

Giles said...

Excellent photos, Will. The Agincourt game looking stunning. It must have been tough lugging all that loot back on a train!

Best wishes


Monty said...

Great report, Will; although I felt the show was a little fantasy heavy in places...excellent, nonetheless, however.

Sam Wise said...

wow ! all those tables are so impressive ! I think that most of them have more that all what I've done since I've started to paint ... it's depressing ...