Saturday, 11 April 2015

Testing Lentini layout

In preparation for the big game I decided it was time I laid out the "table" on my patio to see what needed to be done.

View from the Allied end, starting at the towns of Melilli and Sortini

From the Axis end, Ponte Malati over the Lentini river and then Lentini itself. If I get time I will add the railway line (yellow) but it's not critical for the game.

All the required features were chalked in

I need an awful lot of hills (green chalk)

Not sure that tere is enough room for my hill top version of Carlentini (need a rethink on how to do it)

I then laid out my walls to see how I was doing

Just enough for the roads if I use all my old walls as well - so more definately needed


João Peixoto said...

Wait no more: do the game right in your yard! Keep on showing your progress.

Stryker said...

Looking good but were you supposed to be doing the gardening? Hope you didn't get in trouble!

Phil said...

A beautiful and unusual terrain, no ant invasion?
Very nice!

rct75001 said...

Love the wargamers approach to layout. My wife would kill me!!

Kev said...

You just go to show WILL - that Pre-Planning IS Everything. Well done indeed- great preparation. KEV.