Wednesday, 2 March 2016

On the workbench - March 2016

Close but still not finished - my Saracen cavalry has reached the basing stage. This is the problem with doing large batches for figures, nothing seems to get done for ages then there is a mass completed. So here's a picture of the bench at present

So once I've finished these what else Have I got planned?

  • Saracen Archers and Ottoman spearmen (they're already base coated above)
  • Romanian winter infantry battalion (I've acquired and assembled a Bofors 37mm AT gun)
  • Wars of the Roses Scurrers, Mercenary Light Cavalry and mounted Men at Arms


David Bunte said...

I believe that First to Fight does the Bofors

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

You have more and larger projects in various states of completion than I attempt. Takes dedication to keep the queue moving with such large projects. Well done.