Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Burgundian Commanders

Using mainly the Redbox Mounted Men at Arms I have created three of the Burgundian commanders. From L to R: Louis de Chalons; Charles the Bold; and his bastard brother Anthony.

As CinC Charles has more figures on his base, two dressed as the Ducal Guard and one in the normal Burgundian livery with the flag from Charles' tent. Anthony's standard bearer is dressed in his livery of a red coat with white cross. I picked Louis de Chalons as I liked the flag (even though he was killed at Grandson"
The couple of foot figures came from the Men at Arms and Livery set.

The horse trappings are made from flags sized and cut to fit on the horses.

Did you spot my mistake on Anthony's coat of arms?


peter said...

Don't see what mistake you made Will, but I sure see some excellent painted figures!


Phil said...

Colorful and beautiful!