Tuesday, 3 May 2016

On the workbench - May/June 2016

A double month plan as I will be away for quite a bit of May then at the end of June it all gets hectic with the Phalanx show, then a big game in Bristol, ending with Gauntlet (our club's local show) all over three successive weekends. I'm also hoping to get north to Carronade in Falkirk this weekend.

On the painting/modelling front I need to prepare winter terrain for a Korsun pocket game the SOTCW are holding on the Saturday at Gauntlet. Otherwise I'll continue working on my medievals.
  • Burgundian and Wars of the Roses commanders (nearly finished)
  • Rebasing a few old pike and bow units
  • Four new bow units
  • A unit of billmen
  • Wide winter river (ideally with ice)
  • Winter roads, fences and fields
  • Winter trees (loads)
  • Winter wooden buildings

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