Thursday, 14 July 2016

Deutsch-OstAfrika - porters & Ruga-Ruga

An important component of the German forces in East Afrika were the porters, who kept the forces supplied, and the local irregulars or Ruga-Ruga. Both are usefully contained in the Hat set and they will both see more action than just in East Afrika.


Conrad Kinch said...

They look great Will. I have two sets and use 'em for The Sword and the FLame.

João Peixoto said...

Thanks for posting. Its one of mine future wargaming periods and also has to do with the Portuguese which had large forces in Angola and Moçambique fighting against the Germans with British help. But apparently Von Lutzow was anough for all of them as the man had some geniality.

Andrew Canham said...

Great work. What rules are you going to use for the E African campaign?

Cheers, Andy