Thursday, 21 July 2016

Gallic/Ancient British army - rebasing challenge

In my plans for the year I included "Five Ancient German Warbands (18 strong) (cf 2015)" but really it meant that I should add more troops to my existing Gallc/Ancient Briton army so it could be used as Germans.

Trouble is the basing I now use for Hail Caesar is different from my old WRG basing in the depths being used. My plan is to base the warbands with nine figures on a 60mm square So along with the extra figures I'll have to rebase my old ones and it looks quite intimidating.


KEV. said...

Hm- I don't envy you WILL- this is a lot of Rebasing- though it will turn out OK for the alternative Rules. KEV.

painterman said...

Rebasing - argh - the curse of the hobby. Always try to avoid, so all the best with yours!

Springinsfeld said...

The chariots should prove an interesting job.... good luck!