Saturday, 2 July 2016

Gauntlet Day 1 - Korsun pocket 1944

Had a great days gaming at Gauntlet as three German platoons battled their way up the table to safety. The terrain is all mine and the figures are from various participants.

Table at the start, viewed from the east, the Germans have to cross from the closest edge (NE) to the far end (SW) across both tables and more to escape

German jumping off points are on the bottom (NE) edge marked by entrenchments

The SW table end. Theoretically there was another 12 foot to cross before the river!

And we are off, a boat is discovered in the wood (middle left side), but we need a vehicle to shift it! Luckily I discover a horse drawn wagon in the village

I successfully collect the boat and head off after the other platoons. (I don't want to be left behind)

Russians mass to block our path, Gary (Russian) got in the way of my lucky four phase move and suffered enormously, but it cleared our way out, Phew!.

Simon (German)on the left cautiously advances using the thickets for cover

Gary's Russians rout, but are replaced by another Platoon, supported by a T26. But Andy's (German right) Panzerschreck deals with it on the second attempt.

While I attempt to deal with Russian Ski Troops that arrived in our rear, Simon (German) deals with John's (Russian) troops that are blocking the way.

Overall TFL Chain of Command worked very well for the scenario, and doing the right thing, such as creating a crossfire zone pays off, just a pity for Gary that my die rolling was working well at that time as well. We decided that rather than continue the game on day two we would try something different tomorrow.

More pictures and commentary have been posted on Andy's blog (link)

yet more pictures and commentary on Richard P's blog (link)


Conrad Kinch said...

Atmospheric looking stuff. Nice one Will.

Pete. said...

Great looking table- your scenery looks spot on.



Stuart S said...

Fantastic looking layout, it sounded like a great game.
Thanks for posting.

KEV. said...

Superb effort there WILL to get the Winter Terrain looking spot-on! KEV.

Andrew Canham said...

Another great report and photos Will. The terrain was superb.

Cheers, Andy